About Us

Kendo started in Queensland in the late 1970s through the formation of the original Kendo Club at the YMCA in Ann Street in Brisbane. Early members included Rod and David Prince, Howard Lister, Satoru Chamberlain and John Asprey. The Ken Shin Kai, as it became known, remained there for about 15 years.
Queensland hosted the 3rd Australian Kendo Championships in Brisbane in 1978. And in held its first Queensland Kendo Championships in 1980.
The second dojo to form in Queensland was established in 1987 on the Gold Coast and included founding members Alan Simpson, Toshi and Hiroko Tsukadaira, Doug Milton and Mitsuri Mitani Initially training in a hall beside the Pindara hospital at Benowa. Sometime later they moved to the Nerang Community Hall where they remained for many years.
By the early 1990s dojos had sprang up in regional centres including Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Mackay and Cairns and the Queensland Kendo Renmei was formed.
The Queensland Kendo Renmei became incorporated on the 5th December 1999.
Today the Queensland Kendo Renmei supports 13 clubs, with Kendo instructed at 10 clubs, Iaido at 8 clubs, and Jodo at 2 clubs.
We also have an impressive number of senior instructors in Queensland with 7 x 7-dan Kendo instructors, 1 x 7-dan and 4 x 6-dan Iaido instructors, and 1 x 6-dan Jodo instructor. There are around 200 members in the QKR.

Executive Committee:

Tom Johnson
Vice President
David Fitzgibbon
Saeko Yoshida
Carl Carrick