QKR Equipment Hire Scheme for Clubs

QKR was awarded a Gambling Community Benefit Fund of $23,652 for equipment purchase to assist clubs and members via an equipment hire scheme. The purpose is to get the members started with equipment before they commit to their own equipment purchases.

The QKR has purchased the following equipment:

  • 20 x Bokuto (with tsuba)
  • 10 x Jo (Staff)
  • 10 x Bokuto/Jo Set
  • 20 x Shinai and tusba set
  • 3 x Junior Kendo Bogu Set (A1-alpha MK2-ISG Safety Guard)
  • 8 x Senior Kendo Bogu Set (A1-alpha MK2-ISG Safety Guard) Size M
  • 5 x Kendo Bogu Set (A1-alpha MK2-ISG Safety Guard) Size L
  • 4 x Kendo Bogu Set (A1-alpha MK2-ISG Safety Guard) Size XL
  • 1 x Kendo Bogu Set (A1-alpha MK2-ISG Safety Guard) Size XXL
  • 21 x Drawstring Bogu Bags Adult

The equipment is available for hire by the clubs for 6-month periods. Please review the QKR Equipment Library Policy.

The hire period is between each of the the State seminar/grading events (6 month apart).

An EOI for hire will be sent to clubs before each of the State seminar/grading event. The EOI will be reviewed by the Management Committee, and equipment distributed as fairly as possible. The newer clubs will have preference for the first hire period.

Equipment deposit and hire fees (for the full 6 months) must be paid before the hire begins (unless negotiated), and the equipment will be distributed at the State Seminar and Grading event. Redistribution will occur at subsequent State seminar and grading events.

N.B. NQ clubs – please discuss shipping options with the QKR executives.

Please contact the QKR executives if your club would like to take up this offer.