Successful Grant Application to the Active Women and Girls Scheme

The Queensland Kendo Renmei (QKR), Executive is happy to announce our successful grants application to the Active Women and Girls scheme. We presented a comprehensive range of objectives that we believe are achievable with the support of funds from this scheme.

One of our proposed initiatives is a collaboration with the National Coaching Coordinator to support four (QKR), female members to undertake the Certification III in coaching offered through Synergy Central. Currently, this course primary focus is for the sports and fitness industries. However, it is our vision to equip four members of the QKR with this certification and to then have them assist other cert III coaches in developing customized courses specifically for the martial arts covered within the AKR/QKR.

To this end, we have developed an Expression of Interest (EOI) document (needs a link). We invite suitably qualified and enthusiastic members to consider taking up one of these positions. You will need to be passionate about your art and willing to committed to giving a significant amount of your time to complete the course and afterwards to assist in arts specific courses.

We eagerly anticipate your applications and the opportunity to further enrich our community through this initiative.